What is Domain Authority (DA) or domain authority according to MOZ

Within the list of concepts that all SEO should know is the Domain Authority or the authority of the domain.

The Domain Authority, or abbreviated DA, is an indicator proposed by MOZ to reflect the authority of a website. MOZ is one of the big guys of the web positioning and offers us tools as interesting as Open Site Explorer, which we will talk about later.

If we ignore the SAR, we can define authority as “prestige and credit that is recognized to a person or institution for its legitimacy or for its quality and competence in some matter.” Change person or institution per website and you will know exactly what the domain authority refers to.

What is Domain Authority (DA) or domain authority according to MOZ

What is the Domain Authority?

We can say that the domain authority – which is measured numerically from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest authority – is equivalent to the quality or credibility of a website. For practical purposes, the DA is now the most reliable indicator of the popularity of a web after Google has decided to stop updating the page rank (its official indicator) without any explanation.

You will then wonder if Domain Authority influences the number of visits and my answer is yes. If not, think of the following: When you go to the supermarket, what toothpaste do you choose, which is recommended by nine out of ten dentists and which also bears the European Union seal of quality or the only label in Russian? On the same internet, people tend to visit the best-reputed sites, especially if they look for information on sensitive issues such as health or news where reliability is imperative.

How to calculate the domain authority of the web with Moz and Opensite Explorer?

The MOZ itself provides us with the tool to find the DA of any site. Just download the SEO toolbar. A plugin for the most commonly used browsers that allows you to see the DA of each site we visit and access other SEO metrics (such as a number of incoming links). There is a free version and a payment version, with many more features.

Another way to find out the domain authority of a page is by using Open Site Explorer. This tool, in its free version, allows five analyses per day. In addition to offering you very interesting information about the backlinks that the web has. Anyone interested in Seo should have Open Site Explorer on their bookmarks page.

Any advice to increase my domain authority?

What I always say, create quality content and move it in Social Media to reach the maximum number of people. This way people will start linking to our website. That another website links us is as if it were recommending us, and how much more “recommendations” more authority. Of course, the more Domain Authority has the webs that link us, the greater the authority we gain, while if we only have web links of negligible authority our positioning could be harmed.if you want to read more briefly than read this post 10 Tips to Increase The Authority of Your Web or BlogĀ 


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