The Most Popular And Successful Social Networks On The Internet

The Most Popular And Successful Social Networks On The Internet

these day social media is a very powerful way to connect work and millions of people are using it. also, there are so many online chat rooms available for those people who are not able to use an app on their mobile phone but they can browser chat room site. for The most visited and recommended social networks in the network Below is a list of these social networks, which can be very useful for those who are just beginning to explore the internet and for others, since there are sites that have recently emerged, not so well known but which are very successful.

In all cases a short description of each network with its characteristics, participation requirements of existing some and the links to access and register are offered.They are ordered according to the traffic and popularity of each, this is known by the index they have in Alexa, a website dedicated to monitor the traffic of internet sites, the lower the index, the more visitors and traffic a site has.


Facebook is the most successful, well-known and popular social network on the internet.It is a social tool to connect people, discover and create new friendships, upload photos and share links to external pages and videos.

Why the huge success of Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook has several causes, some are the following:

  • The ease of sharing content, whether this links, photos or videos.
  • The almost unlimited possibility of uploading photos.
  • The simple interface, even for the user not experienced in web browsing.
  • The ease of becoming a member and creating an account.
  • The facility that adds chat, never seen, which means that a third-party tool is not necessary to communicate in real time.
  • The integration of messages and emails.
  • The recommendations of new friends, often successful.
  • Successful fan pages for businesses, businesses and brands.
  • The possibility of developers to create applications to integrate them and earn money for it.

These and many other factors make Facebook the preferred network, for people, businesses and companies, even for spam.To register on Facebook you only need a valid email address.It has a rating of 3 in Alexa and a PageRank of 10, being the most visited website after Google and YouTube.


Google+ is the newest and most recent of social networks and already has an immensity of members.It does not have the characteristics of Facebook, nor does it intend to imitate it. Thanks to the immense role and power of Google on the Internet, it can become one of the largest and most powerful networks.

Provides facilities to create networks of friends and organize them in the so-called circles.It makes it possible to upload content to share easily.

It facilitates the publication of articles in this network by means of the button +1 that already appears in several pages of the Internet and in the bar of Google in the navigator that has it installed.

It integrates with other popular Google services such as Gmail, GMaps, Calendar, Docs, etc.Google+ is a network in full development and full of new possibilities.Google+ has made it possible and is still in the process of being developed, a unique tool on social internet sites, which is called Hangouts (also known as hangouts).

It consists simply of sharing video conversations with members of the network.When you enter your page and use the necessary button, you will see the Hangouts that are being made and in which we can participate.

This functionality can give possibilities in the near future, to see and participate in any interview made live to personalities, artists or public figures.You should be aware of all the new changes in this network, unique on the internet because of the immense possibilities of its promoter.


YouTube is a free online storage site, where you can upload to share, view, comment, search and download videos.It is one of the several services offered by Google.It is very popular thanks to the possibility of hosting personal videos in a simple way. It has a wide variety of movie clips, TV shows and music videos.Nowadays, it has become a complement to television.It’s number 2 of global Alexa.


LinkedIn is a network oriented to business and to share in the professional field.The vast majority of companies in more than 200 countries are represented in it. Indispensable for professional promotion and very useful to search and share technical and scientific information.


  • Tumblr is a microblogging publishing platform that is short blogs.
  • It is characterized by its simplicity and speed to publish.
  • It is possible to create entries by entering the service, from other pages using a bookmark in the browser or even by email.
  • Post created can contain text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio.
  • It is the ideal platform to publish from your cell phone or tablet.

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