Huawei Wins one of the Lawsuits Filed Against Samsung for a Patent

When it appeared that the patent bickering between company was more relaxed, the news breaks that Huawei will charge about 80 million yuan which comes to be about 11.6 million dollars from Samsung for infringing one of its patents. The patent suits between Apple and Samsung have always been commonplace in the media and for some time now Huawei has been doing things right and joining this type of patent fights. It is also doing it in the best possible way since the Chinese company has won the first of the different demands that have put to Samsung by the use of a technology that supposedly belongs to them.

At the moment there is no specific information on the patent that they have infringed from Samsung, which if it is clear is that it is a demand of the month of May 2016 that in the end is left with the balance towards the Chinese. This is the first sentence but is expected to continue to arrive more since it is more than one the lawsuits that has brought Huawei against Samsung. Obviously it is now up to Samsung to decide whether or not to appeal this ruling, but most likely, after studying the case, they will appeal the sentence …

Some of the demands directly mention devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, which means that if you win these demands the figures can be millions if we consider the number of devices sold by Samsung. The technology used for 4G connectivity is partly blamed on these Huawei demands and the Chinese company is expected to continue to seek more infringements on patents over other devices. Judicial battles are moving from Apple vs Samsung to Huawei vs Samsung moments.

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