How to use the option available offline in Spotify Premium

Once you are sure that you have gone on a trip or you were just on the street and you wanted to use Spotify, but you have noticed that you did not have enough data to be able to listen to streaming music. What can be done in that case?

Spotify Premium

For these situations it is interesting to use the option Available offline, and here we will tell you what it is and how to do it.

The mode available without connection basically what it offers is the option to listen to our music without having to spend the megabytes of our data plan.

The only requirement to be able to use this option is to be a user of a premium account, because the free one does not offer this possibility among its adjustments, and you can register spotify premium free if you like.

When activating Available without connection what we are going to do is to download to our device (smartphone, tablet or computer) the lists that we want, so that we do not have to pull data, although if we are going to need a storage capacity in accordance with the amount of music we want to hear in this mode.

For this we must follow these steps:

  • First of all choose the playlist that we want to hear in this way
  • The second step is to activate the option Available offline that we find on the tracks of the selected list.
  • Once we have marked this option we wait for the songs that make up the list to be downloaded, with a time that varies according to the number of tracks marked. At the end of the process we will see that a green arrow appears next to the playlist.
  • Now there is only one step left and it is to activate the offline mode that we can find in the Spotify route> Offline mode.
  • In this way, even if we do not have an internet connection, we will be able to listen to our favorite music, but we must bear in mind that we will need a storage capacity according to the size of the list we have synchronized, with a maximum of 3333 songs to synchronize for each device, songs that will be available for 30 days.

These are the steps if we do it from a computer, Mac in this case, but if we use a device with iOS or Android the process is similar.

If we use Android, being connected to the Internet (better that it is via Wi-Fi to not fuse the data) select a playlist, then activate Available offline and when finished we will see the green arrow from before.

Then, to activate this mode, go to the options menu, press Settings and in Play active Offline mode.

For iOS the process is the same in the first steps, but to activate the mode Available offline, we must enter Settings> General and touch the switch that is above.

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