Internet Download Manager, the Best Download Accelerator in the World

You have to be very careful when you attribute to something the title of being “the best in the world”, but the truth is that once you have tried Internet Download Manager, there is no doubt that it is. Advantages have many, but among them you can highlight one feature over the others.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is able to increase the download speed of files up to four or five times more. Anyone can verify that improvement by acquiring the program. And it is well worth paying the $ 30 that costs the full version of this download manager, because the results will be amazing.

I could not even believe that this was true when they told me about it, and I tried it with a small dose of suspicion and quite a bit of skepticism. And then, everything changed forever. Long waits are over when downloading a file.

Among other things, the files that it was downloading at a speed of between 300 and 600 kbps, were downloaded at a speed between 1 and 2 MB / s, reaching peaks of up to 3.5 MB / s. Without a doubt, an improvement that I could never imagine. But the best of all is that it is complemented by a lot of very interesting options, and that makes Internet Download Manager a must-have for those who download many files regularly.

A wide variety of options

I have loved several features that are very important to me. On the one hand, the program is integrated into the browser, so that when we download a file, it starts downloading directly on Internet Download Manager.

On the other hand, it is also able to pause a download and continue it later. In this way, when for some reason we lose connection, the browser is closed, or the computer is turned off without previous notice, we will not have lost the work done, but we will be able to continue it later from the point where we left it.

Obviously, another option that includes is to perform downloads by batches, or groups of links. And the one to scan a whole page to find all the links that are in it.

Technical Performance

And one wonders why it gets so much speed when downloading files from Internet Download Manager. But it is simple to realize how you do it as soon as the process of downloading a file is observed. Basically, it divides each file into parts, and downloads them simultaneously.

By default, it divides each one in up to eight parts, and although it does not manage to multiply the speed by eight, it does achieve brutally better results. Once the process is finished, join all the parts, to leave them in a single file. This union does not take more than a few seconds. After having tried several programs with these features, I can say that Internet Download Manager is, without any doubt, the best download accelerator crack I have ever tried.