How to use the option available offline in Spotify Premium

Once you are sure that you have gone on a trip or you were just on the street and you wanted to use Spotify, but you have noticed that you did not have enough data to be able to listen to streaming music. What can be done in that case?

Spotify Premium

For these situations it is interesting to use the option Available offline, and here we will tell you what it is and how to do it.

The mode available without connection basically what it offers is the option to listen to our music without having to spend the megabytes of our data plan.

The only requirement to be able to use this option is to be a user of a premium account, because the free one does not offer this possibility among its adjustments, and you can register spotify premium free if you like.

When activating Available without connection what we are going to do is to download to our device (smartphone, tablet or computer) the lists that we want, so that we do not have to pull data, although if we are going to need a storage capacity in accordance with the amount of music we want to hear in this mode.

For this we must follow these steps:

  • First of all choose the playlist that we want to hear in this way
  • The second step is to activate the option Available offline that we find on the tracks of the selected list.
  • Once we have marked this option we wait for the songs that make up the list to be downloaded, with a time that varies according to the number of tracks marked. At the end of the process we will see that a green arrow appears next to the playlist.
  • Now there is only one step left and it is to activate the offline mode that we can find in the Spotify route> Offline mode.
  • In this way, even if we do not have an internet connection, we will be able to listen to our favorite music, but we must bear in mind that we will need a storage capacity according to the size of the list we have synchronized, with a maximum of 3333 songs to synchronize for each device, songs that will be available for 30 days.

These are the steps if we do it from a computer, Mac in this case, but if we use a device with iOS or Android the process is similar.

If we use Android, being connected to the Internet (better that it is via Wi-Fi to not fuse the data) select a playlist, then activate Available offline and when finished we will see the green arrow from before.

Then, to activate this mode, go to the options menu, press Settings and in Play active Offline mode.

For iOS the process is the same in the first steps, but to activate the mode Available offline, we must enter Settings> General and touch the switch that is above.

The Most Popular And Successful Social Networks On The Internet

The Most Popular And Successful Social Networks On The Internet

these day social media is a very powerful way to connect work and millions of people are using it. also, there are so many online chat rooms available for those people who are not able to use an app on their mobile phone but they can browser chat room site. for The most visited and recommended social networks in the network Below is a list of these social networks, which can be very useful for those who are just beginning to explore the internet and for others, since there are sites that have recently emerged, not so well known but which are very successful.

In all cases a short description of each network with its characteristics, participation requirements of existing some and the links to access and register are offered.They are ordered according to the traffic and popularity of each, this is known by the index they have in Alexa, a website dedicated to monitor the traffic of internet sites, the lower the index, the more visitors and traffic a site has.


Facebook is the most successful, well-known and popular social network on the internet.It is a social tool to connect people, discover and create new friendships, upload photos and share links to external pages and videos.

Why the huge success of Facebook?

The popularity of Facebook has several causes, some are the following:

  • The ease of sharing content, whether this links, photos or videos.
  • The almost unlimited possibility of uploading photos.
  • The simple interface, even for the user not experienced in web browsing.
  • The ease of becoming a member and creating an account.
  • The facility that adds chat, never seen, which means that a third-party tool is not necessary to communicate in real time.
  • The integration of messages and emails.
  • The recommendations of new friends, often successful.
  • Successful fan pages for businesses, businesses and brands.
  • The possibility of developers to create applications to integrate them and earn money for it.

These and many other factors make Facebook the preferred network, for people, businesses and companies, even for spam.To register on Facebook you only need a valid email address.It has a rating of 3 in Alexa and a PageRank of 10, being the most visited website after Google and YouTube.


Google+ is the newest and most recent of social networks and already has an immensity of members.It does not have the characteristics of Facebook, nor does it intend to imitate it. Thanks to the immense role and power of Google on the Internet, it can become one of the largest and most powerful networks.

Provides facilities to create networks of friends and organize them in the so-called circles.It makes it possible to upload content to share easily.

It facilitates the publication of articles in this network by means of the button +1 that already appears in several pages of the Internet and in the bar of Google in the navigator that has it installed.

It integrates with other popular Google services such as Gmail, GMaps, Calendar, Docs, etc.Google+ is a network in full development and full of new possibilities.Google+ has made it possible and is still in the process of being developed, a unique tool on social internet sites, which is called Hangouts (also known as hangouts).

It consists simply of sharing video conversations with members of the network.When you enter your page and use the necessary button, you will see the Hangouts that are being made and in which we can participate.

This functionality can give possibilities in the near future, to see and participate in any interview made live to personalities, artists or public figures.You should be aware of all the new changes in this network, unique on the internet because of the immense possibilities of its promoter.


YouTube is a free online storage site, where you can upload to share, view, comment, search and download videos.It is one of the several services offered by Google.It is very popular thanks to the possibility of hosting personal videos in a simple way. It has a wide variety of movie clips, TV shows and music videos.Nowadays, it has become a complement to television.It’s number 2 of global Alexa.


LinkedIn is a network oriented to business and to share in the professional field.The vast majority of companies in more than 200 countries are represented in it. Indispensable for professional promotion and very useful to search and share technical and scientific information.


  • Tumblr is a microblogging publishing platform that is short blogs.
  • It is characterized by its simplicity and speed to publish.
  • It is possible to create entries by entering the service, from other pages using a bookmark in the browser or even by email.
  • Post created can contain text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio.
  • It is the ideal platform to publish from your cell phone or tablet.

The 200 Best Android Games 2017

Devices with Android system currently have a number of games with which to have a good time and even some with which to share games between users of the same system.

Best Android Games

In Basic Android we are going to give you next a complete list of the 200 best Android games for this 2017. We will also give you a summary of their characteristics and what each one consists of and if not, if they are free or have some Type of expenditure added.You can play one of the best game on your cell phone click here to get that game.

If you like action games, strategy games or sports games you no longer need to have a console to enjoy them. With our mobile device or “smartphone” we can have games that are very complete and also very popular.

A perfect game for aspiring Indiana Jones in which you have to face a huge pyramid, full of mummies, spiders and traps; And in which you must find a way to steal all the gold, discover all the secrets, and finally escape.

Beyond having to jump over gripping diamonds, and keep indigenous creatures at bay, Tramps n ‘Gemstones is a game in which you will have to explore and much as you will find objects that when placed in a specific place open new paths .

A game that reminiscent of Zelda but that does not mean that it takes you to embark on one of the best arcade adventures for mobile.The game starts when you find a letter from your father, it turns out that he’s dead, and he’s only left you a notebook and a necklace.

You will then begin exploring the islands of the unknown seas, talking to the people, confronting the hostile fauna, discovering secrets and mysteries, and making a great effort not to be killed.The whole mission takes a dozen hours or so. Being one of the best games that you will experience on Android.

Internet Download Manager, the Best Download Accelerator in the World

You have to be very careful when you attribute to something the title of being “the best in the world”, but the truth is that once you have tried Internet Download Manager, there is no doubt that it is. Advantages have many, but among them you can highlight one feature over the others.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is able to increase the download speed of files up to four or five times more. Anyone can verify that improvement by acquiring the program. And it is well worth paying the $ 30 that costs the full version of this download manager, because the results will be amazing.

I could not even believe that this was true when they told me about it, and I tried it with a small dose of suspicion and quite a bit of skepticism. And then, everything changed forever. Long waits are over when downloading a file.

Among other things, the files that it was downloading at a speed of between 300 and 600 kbps, were downloaded at a speed between 1 and 2 MB / s, reaching peaks of up to 3.5 MB / s. Without a doubt, an improvement that I could never imagine. But the best of all is that it is complemented by a lot of very interesting options, and that makes Internet Download Manager a must-have for those who download many files regularly.

A wide variety of options

I have loved several features that are very important to me. On the one hand, the program is integrated into the browser, so that when we download a file, it starts downloading directly on Internet Download Manager.

On the other hand, it is also able to pause a download and continue it later. In this way, when for some reason we lose connection, the browser is closed, or the computer is turned off without previous notice, we will not have lost the work done, but we will be able to continue it later from the point where we left it.

Obviously, another option that includes is to perform downloads by batches, or groups of links. And the one to scan a whole page to find all the links that are in it.

Technical Performance

And one wonders why it gets so much speed when downloading files from Internet Download Manager. But it is simple to realize how you do it as soon as the process of downloading a file is observed. Basically, it divides each file into parts, and downloads them simultaneously.

By default, it divides each one in up to eight parts, and although it does not manage to multiply the speed by eight, it does achieve brutally better results. Once the process is finished, join all the parts, to leave them in a single file. This union does not take more than a few seconds. After having tried several programs with these features, I can say that Internet Download Manager is, without any doubt, the best download accelerator crack I have ever tried.

How to classify a list of Keywords 2018

Keyword research is still a fundamental part of any digital marketing campaign. Whether you want to optimize the metadata of a website, make content for your page or search for sites with which you can create a relationship and get links (digital public relations), it is necessary to have a previous keyword research. Google follows and will continue to take into account the content of your page and the links and links that are pointing towards it.

We know the keyword research is fundamental, but do you have any way to categorize your keyword list? Well in this post I will share some of the classification methods I use to have a better approach to this process and to better organize your list of keywords.

How to classify a list of Keywords 2018

Main, secondary and long tail terms

This way of categorizing keywords is simple and easy to understand. This can be used for any type of company, since it is more focused on SEO optimization and not on a content strategy.
Main terms

Are the keywords that are directly related to the website, product or service, these words are handled as the main ones since thinking of the intention of the search engine you know that these words are what someone would use to find the site on which you are working. They are characterized by being short, they consist mostly of two words, example: “fast loans”, and tend to have a high volume of searches, but also a high competition.
Secondary terms

These keywords are those that are not directly related to the product or service, but can be words that refer to some complement of the product or service, or words composed of a main term plus an example modifier:

  • Wooden toy (Main term)
  • Cheap wooden toy (secondary term)

Long tail terms

The words longtail are distinguished by being long words, composed of 4 words or more. These are indispensable since they are usually composed of a main term and “informative” words (how, what, why, etc.). They do not have many searches but the level of competition is low. If you are working on the optimization of a site with low PR or low DA, these words are very useful for you. If you start from below you will gradually occupy positions within the SERPS of Google.
Main content, secondary content, longtail and social SEO

This type of keyword rating is more focused on the content of a website. This form of categorization is suitable for any content strategy you want to undertake.
Main content

The words that are classified as “main content” are words that will be throughout the website, both in metadata and in the onpage content thereof, this means that they are direct words to the service or product that is described in each page of the website. site. These words tend to have many searches and a high level of competition.

Secondary content

This category, as its title says, includes terms that can be used as a second option to optimize the content. These terms may be synonyms of those of the main content but have fewer searches, the words may be related to the product but do not describe it completely.

SEO longtail

They are long sentences consisting of 4 or more words, are characterized by having a keyword of the main content plus a modifier as an informative question:

How to make a virtual store

This word has the keyword of the main content, virtual store, more modifiers, this makes it a long tail word which we can use it for SEO purposes, that is, start competing in the Google SERPs and gradually go up in the rankings.
SocialIn this category are the terms that are not directly related to the content of the website but can be used as content topics to share in social networks, this in order to make interesting content for people to share, for example:

How to earn money

This phrase can be used with virtual store, “how to make money” is not a phrase directly related to virtual store but if we join them then they create an idea for a post that can be shared.

Informative, transactional, navigation

This category is defined more by the user’s intention, that is, it is classified by the intention that the search engine has to find something. This type of classification helps a lot to websites that sell some product, e-commerce sites.

It refers more than anything when a person is looking for information about something specific, in this case the most common is to find Wikipedia pages in the search results.The informative words are not necessarily directly related to the product or service of the website, but this type of words are used as an attraction, making content that offers useful information for people and that later reach the website to acquire the product or service. .

The transactional category is perhaps the most important category for e-commerce companies, since these types of words are focused on seeking a purchase of the product or service.
Regularly these words are usually very specific, words with a specific model of the product, for example:

  • T-shirts for children
  • Omeprazole for horse
  • These types of queries are very close to a real purchase.
  • Navigation
  • This category is highlighted by queries in search of a brand or entity, such as Facebook or BestBuy.
  • The people who make this type of consultation, want more information about this entity or brand.
  • ToFu, MoFu, BoFu

ToFu, MoFu, BoFu is a way to classify the content marketing of a website. And they are terms used for inbound marketing.tofu, mofu, bofuWhen we talk about ToFu, we talk about creating marketing campaigns, that attract people to the website, directing traffic. In this category fall the words long tail, since they can be more informative and can be used for tutorial videos and guides.

How to set up an online store

MoFu, it’s in the middle of the funnel. In this category are words that are related to the product or service, but people who are using this type of query do not know the product / service of the website that we are going to optimize. We could use keywords with a main term + words that modify the keyword such as:
Examples of online stores, characteristics of ecommerce.

BoFu, is the bottom of the funnel, and basically it’s about people who are going to test your product, or service. This category is included in the main terms such as: online store, sports tennis, specific words that people search for exactly to make a purchase.

These are some categories that I use to classify the keywords I’m working on to optimize a website and I hope that your keyword research can be useful.
You can download the keyword classification format that I use by clicking on the download button.


The year 2017 was once again exciting in the high-end segment. Virtually all manufacturers have come up with some improvements or improvements and have upgraded your High End Paintball guns a good deal. In this article, we would like to give you a brief overview of the 2017 season as well as a product conclusion from our point of view as a dealer and a player.


As in previous years, there has not really been much change in the pre-market position. It is still the big brands and manufacturers who dominate the market and who present the decisive innovations and innovations. Below we have a list of the top 5 brands and the current Paintball Markers models listed for you.

Best paintball guns


The company Dye has designed your models for a lifetime of 2 years. As in 2016, the Dye M2 is the flagship. New in the year 2017 is the MOSAir technology, which integrates a few cool, new features and enhances the marker a significant bit. See below for more details.


As usual for years, the brand Planet Eclipse has also this year two high end paintball markers with different bolt systems on the market. The Ego LV1, which is currently available in the LV1.5 version , is a very advanced Rammer, while the GEO CS1, which is also currently available in the latest version as GEO CS1.5 , is a Spool Valve marker with a closed Casing. Both markers are the best in the market for what you can buy at the moment. Planet is one of the few brands that makes the final assembly of their paintball markers still in Europe, more precisely in England. This can be seen already when you first saw a Planet Eclipse Paintball markerin the hand. The processing is simply outstanding.


The Luxe Ice is the successor model of the Luxe, which has been on the market since 2007, or the later Luxe 2.0 and Luxe OLED Paintball marker models. The Luxe Ice, unlike its predecessors, has been redesigned in many respects. The optics have become significantly more modern and more straightforward. The new PowerCore bolt is one of the most gentle and efficient ever. In addition, it is simply long-lasting and works without problems. Maintenance is also very simple, thanks to the toolless bolt concept, even though it is no longer unique on the market.


The Vanquish unfortunately occupies only one of the rear ranks. As popular as this Luxe clone in the USA is also with the players may be, in Europe he unfortunately still after several years and in the 2. Bauserie still can not really take a foot. The Vanquish is in terms of performance and performance synonymous with the Luxe 2.0 OLED, and is even better in places. Players are still deterred by the much higher weight, the clunky ASA and the look of the marker. To defend Empire, you have to mention here that the Vanquish 2.0 has already become a real eye-catcher, compared to the previous model. But still it can still reach the top 3 on the market. Man may be curious about where to goEmpires High End Paintball Markers segment and the Vanquish series in the next few years.


You can safely say from the outset that no manufacturer has completely reinvented the wheel. What has to be the benefit of the individual brands, however, is that they have always developed their products meaningfully to make the paintball markers as efficient as possible.

In our opinion, this year Dye and Planet have made the biggest steps forward in terms of innovation and progress.

Dye has maintained its M2 model from the previous year and missed a new inner life with a lot of gimmicks. The new MOSAir board of the marker can be charged not only wirelessly by induction, but it also communicates with the loader and mask of the player via the new eVoke system and transmits information such as ammunition stock and battery status via acoustic signals. What exactly the individual player uses it all, of course, is left to him.

Planet, on the other hand, is currently caught up in the innovation drive. The changes are never really big, but many. In the past 12 months Planet has already launched the 3rd version of its current Spole Valve high-end paintball marker GEO . The latest model is CS1.5 and has been reworked not only visually, but also with regard to weight, the bolt, the valves and the arrangement of the internal components. Step by step, Planet has made a high-end marker on the top of the season from the CS1 model, which is now out of focus, and has to hide from any other model on the market.


We are often asked how to get a high end Paintball Markers and whether it is useful to buy them as needed.

The fact is, at the end of each season most brands bring their novelties onto the market. This happens mostly in October, at the Paintball World Cup in Orlando, USA. Probably the biggest annual paintball event of its kind. Just in time for the World Cup, you can usually watch the second hand market prices drop a good bit and you can get the one or the other Paintball Markers special offer.

Players who do not always want to wait so long, or who simply do not want to just run with the old equipment from the previous year over the field, should simply add a new marker. The price difference is usually only a few hundred euros, you have a full 2 ​​year warranty from the dealer / manufacturer and you can be sure that you always have the latest and most powerful equipment at your disposal. This in turn is a clear competitive advantage on the field.

Source: Pros Paint Ball

How to convert MKV videos to MP4 in 2 mins and without losing quality


Until now I had never needed to convert MKV files to MP4. If I could not reproduce an MKV I was looking for alternatives and that’s it. That until now …

3 days ago skipped the news on The scene of the groups (ETTV) that are dedicated to ripping the majority of series of television that circulates by the network has announced a new standard of edition: From now, all the video files must go in format Matroska (aka MKV).

In the eyes of the average consumer this may seem irrelevant, but changing the standard from MP4 to MKV can be a problem since not all devices and TVs reproduce correctly the MKV format (some do not even recognize it). If you dedicate to download series by torrent or Mega little by little you will realize that it is increasingly difficult to find videos in MP4 …

One of the solutions proposed by ETTV to overcome this bache is that the user himself converts from one format to another if he wishes.

Convert MKV files to MP4 with rebox.NET without losing quality

One of the fastest programs to convert MKV files to MP4 is rebox.NET (you can download it by clicking HERE). It’s only function is to swallow files in MKV format and convert them into beautiful and readable MP4 at lightning speed. It does the conversion of MKV to MP4 without losing quality in any moment, since the only thing that this program does is to change the container of the file keeping intact the content of the same one.

Download and install rebox.NET on your computer.

Run the application. The first thing you have to do is select the MKV file you want to convert to MP4 by clicking on the “+” icon.

Once selected, you should only give the “Play” button that is right next to the conversion. As mentioned the conversion of MKV to MP4 is done without losing any audio or video quality at any time. If the file also contains subtitles, it will also preserve them.

Once the file is selected the program gives you the option to choose where you want the saved video to be stored. It also offers the possibility to choose the audio quality.

As an example, I can tell you that a video of about 25 minutes makes it into MP4 in a minute and a half or so. The MKV format, being no more than a mere container of audio/video/subtitles, does not require processing all the information of the video file data per data, so the conversion is done in a very agile way.

If anyone asks me which is the best method to convert MKV files to MP4 without losing quality and with subtitles, rebox.NET seems to me the best option.

Convert MKV files to MP4 online

If you prefer not to install any application and want to convert an MKV file to MP4 online and free, with a simple Google search you will see that there are several web pages that perform the conversion online and without costs. However, not all web sites are the same: From this website you can convert MKV files to MP4 online, either by adding the file, attaching a link if the video is on the network or you can even select the video from Dropbox or Google Drive. The only (and great) glue is that it only allows you to convert files with a weight less than 100 MB. From there the tool is no longer free and you have to pay about $ 10 and register. In this web, you can also convert MKV to MP4 online and without losing quality, but just like the previous web has a size limit. In this case, the limit is 250 MB, so if your file is less than that size you have a free path to convert the file totally free.

Then there are other websites like, which do not limit the size of the file, but in order to do the conversion, you have to leave your email. I have done a test, I have left the mail to send me the converted file but I have not learned more and I have not sent the file or anything.

Click Here To Read Aboout Window 10 Converter: Wondershare Video Converter Windows 10

Leawo Video Converter Effective Payment Alternatives

A good alternative to online converters or Rebox.NET can be the universal video converters for PC. In this area, I have tried several programs, and the best results have given me in recent times has been the Leawo converter.

Leawo Video Converter accepts any type of input format and allows you to choose between several output formats MKV, MP4, AVI or MOV. Besides that allows to adjust the bitrate (from 100Kbps to 3000Kbps) and choose video and audio codecs. The speed at which you convert videos depends on the size of the file but is usually very good.

The bad news is that being a great tool has a high cost of $ 69.95. Luckily also has a free trial version. One of the best multimedia converters we can find on Windows and Mac.

Convert MKV files to MP4 on Mac

If you have a Mac and need to convert some MKV file to MP4 also have several applications at your disposal to help you do the conversion.

MacX Free MKV Video Converter: It is a free desktop application that converts MKV files to MP4, AVI, MOV, FLV and several more formats. It allows you to take screenshots of the videos and extract the audio from the reproductions.

HandBrake: Another program, this time multiplatform, that realizes the conversion of several types of formats, among them MKV and MP4. It is also free and in this case, in addition, open source.

What is Domain Authority (DA) or domain authority according to MOZ

Within the list of concepts that all SEO should know is the Domain Authority or the authority of the domain.

The Domain Authority, or abbreviated DA, is an indicator proposed by MOZ to reflect the authority of a website. MOZ is one of the big guys of the web positioning and offers us tools as interesting as Open Site Explorer, which we will talk about later.

If we ignore the SAR, we can define authority as “prestige and credit that is recognized to a person or institution for its legitimacy or for its quality and competence in some matter.” Change person or institution per website and you will know exactly what the domain authority refers to.

What is Domain Authority (DA) or domain authority according to MOZ

What is the Domain Authority?

We can say that the domain authority – which is measured numerically from 0 to 100, with 100 being the highest authority – is equivalent to the quality or credibility of a website. For practical purposes, the DA is now the most reliable indicator of the popularity of a web after Google has decided to stop updating the page rank (its official indicator) without any explanation.

You will then wonder if Domain Authority influences the number of visits and my answer is yes. If not, think of the following: When you go to the supermarket, what toothpaste do you choose, which is recommended by nine out of ten dentists and which also bears the European Union seal of quality or the only label in Russian? On the same internet, people tend to visit the best-reputed sites, especially if they look for information on sensitive issues such as health or news where reliability is imperative.

How to calculate the domain authority of the web with Moz and Opensite Explorer?

The MOZ itself provides us with the tool to find the DA of any site. Just download the SEO toolbar. A plugin for the most commonly used browsers that allows you to see the DA of each site we visit and access other SEO metrics (such as a number of incoming links). There is a free version and a payment version, with many more features.

Another way to find out the domain authority of a page is by using Open Site Explorer. This tool, in its free version, allows five analyses per day. In addition to offering you very interesting information about the backlinks that the web has. Anyone interested in Seo should have Open Site Explorer on their bookmarks page.

Any advice to increase my domain authority?

What I always say, create quality content and move it in Social Media to reach the maximum number of people. This way people will start linking to our website. That another website links us is as if it were recommending us, and how much more “recommendations” more authority. Of course, the more Domain Authority has the webs that link us, the greater the authority we gain, while if we only have web links of negligible authority our positioning could be harmed.if you want to read more briefly than read this post 10 Tips to Increase The Authority of Your Web or Blog 


Best Grammar checker tool : Grammarly review

Are you associated with a website’s content or content writers in your day to day life. If yes, you will agree that making a great content which is error free is very necessary. In this post, I am sure you will get a lot of information about the online tools, their comparison, pros and cons, etc.

With the increasing number of websites and blogs on the Internet, it has become very difficult and competitive to rank on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Each and every person is striving hard to get to first rank. So, along with SEO what you need is a great, unique and error free content.

We are humans and thus making mistakes is obvious while drafting the content. We may proof read the content but yet there are chances that there will be mistakes. Publishing such content with mistakes on your website is not advisable. You may get a small untold penalty from your readers as well as the search engines.

So, what is necessary is to get some help with proof reading and error fixing. There are a lot of tools available on the Internet. Some are free and some provide premium services. Now, you need to select the best one in order to get you work easy and fast.

To select the best one out of hundreds of tools available online, you can not use the try and error method. This will take a lot of time and money to test every software available. So, here we bring to you some of the finest tools and their comparison.
Grammarly – Best online proof reading tool

The most used tool on the Internet is Grammarly. Grammarly was launched into the market back in 2009. Grammarly Incorporation was founded by Alex Shevchenko and Lytvyn and is headquartered at Sanfrancisco.

Since, its launch, it has been into discussion among the content writers. It has proved to be one of the finest proof reading tools available on the Internet. Read the Grammarly review, is it the best Grammar checker or not.

Features of Grammarly

Grammarly being on the top of the list of best online proof reading tools, it has a lot many efficient features. One of the finest and the most efficient features is the error checking tool. As you start typing it will start catching up the errors in your content.

It will highlight all the errors and will give you suggestions to fix the mistake. This ensures that there are no more errors. Using theseGrammarlyfeatures is extremely easy and fast. It needs Internet connection as it requires accessing its server for validating your content.

Above this there are a lot many benefits of using Grammarly tool.Grammarly has millions of words and phrases in its database to help you catch all the possible mistakes in your content.

Moreover, it has a very accurate inbuilt plagiarism checker. You just need to type your text into the window and leave the rest on Grammarly. It will show you the percentage of plagiarized content on Grammarly. For updates on more features and their usage read how to use Grammarly with all features.

Versions of Grammarly

Grammarly is available with two versions, one is standard (free) and the other one is premium. There are differences in the features available on both the versions. The free version of Grammarly provides you the functionality of error checking and proof reading.

It will highlight the crucial mistakes in your content and will give suggestions to fix them. The free Gramamrly version can be used after getting a Grammarly account. You can install the Grammarly extensions for Google Chrome or Safari browser and can use the Gramamrly tool for any of your favorite online editors like WordPress, Blogger, Gmail, Facebook, etc.

The premium version let’s you use multiple functionalities at a time. Along with the error checker tool that is available in the free version, premium version has other fantastic features.
The premium version along with the crucial errors will highlight the advanced errors. It also gives you access to the Grammarly’s plagiarism checker. The advanced errors like usage of passive voice instead of active, wrong statement formation, etc. could be caught in the Grammarly premium version.

In the premium version, you can use Grammarly with the online editors as mentioned above and you can also use it with the MS-Word directly into your windows PC. To use Grammarly with word you need to get the Grammarly add on for MS Office.

Using Grammarly tool for proof reading and plagiarism checking

Using Gramamrly is made extremely easy. Follow the below steps to get your Grammarly activated in a couple of minutes.

#1. Visit

#2. Click on Sign Up

#3. Enter the required information

#4. Verify your email address by clicking on the link that was sent by email

#5. Go to Google Chrome web store.

#6. Search for Grammarly extension for chrome.

#7. Install the extension in your browser.

#8. Sign in with your credentials

Wola! You are done. Now, you can access your Grammarly tool with the online editors like Blogger, WordPress, etc.

Once you open up such an online editor, you will see a green dot on the left bottom corner of your editor. This symbolizes that Grammarly is now active. You can start typing as you do regularly and the Grammarly will start highlighting the errors.

The above process will activate your free account with Gramamrly. To activate the premium version of Grammarly, you need to pay on their website. You can get a lot of Grammarly discount coupons upto 70% off on the premium version.

Using, Grammarly is much efficient and will help you develop a perfect content for your website. Using Grammarly’s premium version is suggested as it has more number of features and gives you a plagiarism checker as well. If your luck favors, you can get Grammarly premium version for free.

Grammarly has always been there in the list of top online error checking tools. Let’s explore what are other alternatives of Grammarly.

Alternatives of Grammarly

There are hundreds of online tools available on the Internet, which are free and premium as well. Grammarly has been into the discussions since long and has been favorite among the content writers, but there are a few more tools that compete with Grammarly.

#1. Ginger

#2. Paper Rater

#3. Stick Write

#4. Grammar Base

#5. Spell Check Plus

The above alternatives of Grammarly give a very strong competition to Grammarly to be on the top of the best online tools. Each tool has its own pros and cons. Selecting one out of these, ultimately depends on your requirement of using these tools. Read more features of the top 5 Grammarly alternatives.

Let’s take a look at reviews of Grammarlyvs the other online tools.

Grammarlyvs Ginger Review

The features of Grammarly are stunning and efficient. However, Ginger gives a few more features than Grammrly which may prove to be useful but that totally depends on your needs.

Grammarly has a very efficient error checker tool and a plagiarism checker. Whereas Ginger gives you the grammar checker and along with that it has Ginger translator.

Ginger translator will help you convert your content to other different 40 languages. These languages include English, Spanish, German, French, etc. So, if you are looking forward publishing content in different languages, Ginger will help you out.

One of the finest features of Ginger is the Ginger personal trainer. The Ginger personal trainer helps you with improving your writing skills and also helps you improve your vocabulary. Ginger Rephraser tool will help you with rephrasing the wrong statements and will help you developing a great content.

GrammarlyvsTurn It In Reviews


Turn It In, is an online tool generally used by educational institutions. Students can submit their assignment copies online directly to the professor. Turn It In provides functionality to email a reminder to the late submitters.

It allows the professors to check out the submitted assignments and can grade them directly on the Turn It In tool. It allows to upload various file types like images, word files, PDF, etc.

One of the finest features on Turn It in is that the professors can directly rate the submitted assignments. Moreover, there is a functionality for providing the feedbacks and comments on the assignment.

Now, this tool could prove to be very useful to the students, professors and the educational institutes but if you are a blogger or writing for your client, selecting other tools like Grammarly could prove to be more useful.

Grammarlyvs White Smoke Reivews

Again, White Smoke is a similar tool like Grammarly. It provides almost similar features like Grammarly and Ginger. Like Grammarly, White Smoke is an online tool that could be accessed from anywhere.

It has a plagiarism checker that shows you the percentage of the plagiarized content. An extra feature over Grammarly is that White Smoke provides a translator. Similar to that of the Ginger, White Smoke translator can translate the content into various languages including most used languages like German, French, English, etc.

A new feature that White Smoke provides is the White Smoke KIBO. This is a keyboard for Android devices with automatic spell check and error check. This also helps you improve your vocabulary.

After reading these reviews of Grammarly and various other tools and analyzing your requirements well, you can now select the best tool for yourself. Dealing with content becomes much easier with such online tools that helps you with the Grammar check and other mistakes.

This is the era of Internet, every third person wants to start their blog and make $$$$. What is must is a good content. You need to develop a content that is unique and error free. Publishing good content will help you rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

A right decision of selecting the best online tool can help you get to the path of success. Whereas a wrong decision will waste your time and your money. So, it is necessary that you select the best online tool available.

Tips to select the best online grammar checking tool

The first step that you need to follow is requirement gathering. First, analyze your requirements and the purpose of using these proof reading tools. If you are using it for the educational use, you may use Turn It In and if it is a professional use, you may use tools like Grammarly, Ginger, White Smoke, etc.

The next step comes to analyze whether you require the free version or the premium version of the tools. If you are going for a free version, you need to see if the functionalities helps you with all your requirements.

If you do not find any such tools that are available for free, go for the premium version. You can never compromise with the content you deliver or you publish.

The third step comes to checking out the efficiency of the tool. If your tool is not efficient to find out all types of errors, it is worthless spending time and bucks on it.

Now, the final step is to look for the coupons and promo codes. This will save a lot of bucks of yours. You can checkout the Grammarly coupons or promo codes here.

This way, you can buy one of the finest proof reading tools available on the Internet. Hope this post helped you analyze your requirements and features of the best tools available on the Internet.

Selecting the best tool is very crucial as you need to look into a lot of aspects. Once, you are done with the selection of the best online tool, it becomes easy and fast to create a perfect error free content.

Stay tuned with for more software reviews.

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